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Description Drostanalone Propionate U.S.P. (Masteron) 100 mg Zhengzhou

Drostanolone propinate belongs to anabolic steroids, produced in the form of various esters. It has a high androgenic effect and the manifestation of anabolic action does not go beyond the normal range.

Drolban is very similar in biological nature to the hormone dihydrotestosterone. In the medical field, this drug is used to treat breast cancer in women. However, due to the risk of virilization, its use is now virtually discontinued. It is quite difficult to buy Drolban in UK now.

Drostanolone is gaining more and more popularity among athletes, especially among professional bodybuilders. The drug is perfectly suited to the preservation of muscle mass and strength indicators during difficult "drying" cycles for athletes.

Drostanolone has many positive characteristics:

  • Moderate diuretic effect, helps to make the athlete's body prominent and improves muscle definition;
  • No fluid accumulates in the muscles;
  • Increased hardness, density, expressiveness of muscle mass;
  • Increased strength indicators;
  • Fat burning effect.

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