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Dostinex 0.5 mg from Pfizer Labs

Prolactin is a hormone that can damage the health of any athlete. An increased amount of prolactin retains fluid in the body, adversely affects male erectile function, increases the likelihood of gynecomastia and leads to other negative consequences. To lower it, athletes use Dostinex.


The active ingredient of Dostinex is Cabergolina. It is particularly sought after by bodybuilders, as it helps to remove fluids from the body, which allows for greater relief of muscle mass. Dostinex blocks the production of prolactin and has a strictly targeted effect, so that it does not affect the basal secretion of other pituitary hormones and cortisol.

Dostinex has gained so much popularity that many of its analogues have appeared on the pharmaceutical market. In terms of composition and efficacy, they are no different. However, Dostinex has one important advantage: its price. Its purchase will not affect much the thickness of the portfolio and the advantages pay off every penny spent on it.

Dostinex as protection against side effects

Athletes who take steroids spend time on more powerful drugs and the greater the effect, the more serious the side effects can occur. Steroids are drugs that increase testosterone and protein production, which in turn help build muscle. All athletes know this, even beginners. But those who have not been fortunate enough to familiarize themselves in more detail with how these drugs work, are not aware of their side effects, which can greatly damage the body. Dostinex helps to protect the body from the unpleasant consequences of taking steroids and will be useful for both professionals and novice athletes.

Dosage and application course of Dostinex in bodybuilding

When taking Dostinex, the correct dosage must be strictly observed. Ideally, such a dosage should be entrusted to a personal trainer who has been involved in writing a steroid course for an athlete. Experienced athletes agree that a dosage of 0.25 mg every four days brings the best results. Dostinex is taken two weeks after the start of the course and finished two to three weeks after its completion, after which the athletes feel good and their bodies acquire a natural beauty.

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