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Description Clomos 50 mg Pharmacom Labs

In the sports industry among professionals it is not uncommon to take androgeno-anabolic drugs. They help an athlete to achieve the desired result faster. But the longer the athlete uses steroid, the more the body is exposed to negative effects. Most anabolic drugs tend to flavor and suppress the "pituitary-pituitary gypothalamus testicles" arc, so after the course, the athlete's body is weakened and exposed to a number of side effects. If you don't undergo post-course therapy, it may end in a poor state of health. To do this, it is necessary to take a course of aromatherapy inhibitors.

For the course of PKT there are special drugs of aromatherapy inhibitors category. Their action is aimed at reducing the effects of side effects after anabolic to restore the original state of the body. Testosterone secretion is suppressed under the action of anabolics, as the hormone comes from outside or under the action of flavorization. Aromatisation inhibitor normalizes the hormone state that was before steroid intake. One of the best drugs against the flavorization of steroids, was Clomide.

Clomiphene citrate is the main active ingredient of the preparation Clomide. It is a quality flavor inhibitor, or anti-estrogen, as athletes often call it. It is one of the most effective and popular for PCT. Its main action is aimed at the connection with estrogen, which leads to complete inactivity of the hormone. When checking the hormonal background, taking tests, unaware athletes are afraid that the hormone concentration has not changed. It is not worth worrying about. The action of estrogen is completely suppressed. The antiestrogen also has a positive effect on the pituitary-pituitary gypothalamus testicle arc. It affects the testosterone receptors, awakening their secretion. Because of steroid, the activity of the receptors gradually decreases, which can lead to atrophy of the testicles. Clomide has a beneficial effect, awakening the natural production of male hormone, normalizing its former activity. Due to these qualities, athletes of power sports, such as powerlifters, weightlifters, etc., are most often interested in the preparation.

Clomos drug is produced by the Moldovan company PharmaCom. The drug was available on the international level. The package consisted of 50 pills with a concentration of 50 mg/tab.

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