Boldenon 200 mg Prime | EPC-0024

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General information on Boldenon's steroid

This steroid contains one of the longest forms of Boldenon's ether, but despite the fact that there are variants with a shorter formula, the first ones are still the most popular, although their effect on the body is completely identical.Such a characteristic feature of the drug, as doubling the bonds between the first pair of carbon atoms, makes Boldenon a unique substance. Although, in terms of anabolic effect on the body, it does not differ much from ordinary testosterone, which does not give such an effect even with its enhanced administration.One of the significant advantages of taking this drug - the lack of conversion of testosterone into estrogen, as well as the androgenic activity during the course is half the activity of testosterone.Boldenon was originally created to be introduced into pharmaceuticals, and its use is not permitted by various sports organizations. Therefore, if you have a competition "on your nose", you should not start taking it, moreover, you should not do it even six months before, because any doping test determines its presence in the body, including five months from the last injection. As for the period between injections, it is quite convenient, because to achieve the desired result, one injection per week is enough.One of the few small disadvantages, in Boldenone, is a slow gain of muscle mass. However, this fact is compensated by the quality of the recruited muscles. According to the reviews left by the sportsmen, we can notice that everyone who took this drug is satisfied with such a fact as "kickback" of muscle mass. This is due to the low moisture content in the body during the course. And for those who still need a quick set of muscles, a combined course of taking drugs with anabolic substances such as enantate or testosterone propionate is recommended.Another group of positive reviews is related to the topic of the absence of adverse side effects. All those who took steroid, did not notice any deterioration in general health, gynecomastia, hair loss, or any other negative post-effects of taking steroid.An integral function of Boldenon is an increase in the overall physical endurance of the athlete, due to the fact that during the steroid intake, the total blood mass increases, the number of red blood cells increases, there is a general enrichment of blood with oxygen, which leads to increased nutrition of the body cells with oxygen. And also, the presence of this condition is necessary during the period of active weight gain of pure muscle tissue.

Active substance: Boldenone
Active ingredient, mg: 200
Release form: Bottle
1 bottle, ml: 10
Bottles in the package, pcs: 1
Manufacturer: Prime
Packing: Bottle

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