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Description Biprocine (Testosterone Cypionate U.S.P.) 200 mg from AdamLabs

Biprocine (Testosterone Cypionate U.S.P.) 200 mg from AdamLabs has received quite a lot of interest in the field of weightlifting, bodybuilding and powerlifting. The reason for this is the strong anabolic effect of the product and its relatively low cost.

Testosterone cypionate comes in the form of a highly concentrated oil solution, which is designed to quickly gain muscle mass by injecting it. Usually, the drug is purchased by professionals as a supplement to an individually designed course, providing a powerful effect on muscle growth.

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Main Effects Biprocine (Testosterone Cypionate U.S.P.) from AdamLabs

The main distinctive feature of Biprocine (Testosterone Cypionate U.S.P.) from AdamLabs is its long half-life (up to 15 days). Therefore, it is ideal for those who want to eliminate frequent injections.

Other positive qualities of this drug include:

  • rapid muscle gain;
  • Improvement of the ligamentous apparatus;
  • stimulation of red blood cell synthesis;
  • Increased stamina and strength;
  • No toxic effects on the liver;
  • Relief of muscle and bone pain.

Applications Biprocine (Testosterone Cypionate U.S.P.) 200 mg in England

The use of Biprocine (Testosterone Cypionate U.S.P.) 200 mg on a course involves administering one injection per week. The average dosage is chosen personally for each individual.

The standard norm depends on the personal physiological parameters of the athlete and ranges from 250 to 500 mg per week. It is also important to take into account the goals set, individual tolerance and other parameters.

The total duration should not exceed 8 - 10 weeks, after which post-course therapy is required. By the way, at the end of the course Biprocine (Testosterone Cypionate U.S.P.) 200 mg AdamLabs excess fluid will be eliminated gradually, after which only the ideal muscle mass will remain.

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Active substance: Testosterone, Testosterone Cipionato
Active ingredient, mg: 200
Release form: Ampoule
1 bottle, ml: 1
Ampoules per package, pcs: 10
Manufacturer: AdamLabs
Packing: Packing (10 ampoules), Ampoule

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