Bacteriostatic Water 10 ml Magnus Pharmaceuticals | EPC-0350

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Description Bacteriostatic Water 10 ml from Magnus Pharmaceuticals

The substance constituting this remedy is water, specially purified, and without any foreign impurities. It is apirogenic, which means that it does not contain metabolic products (pyrogens, or pyrogenic substances) resulting from the activity of microorganisms.

In addition, Bacteriostatic Water 10 ml from Magnus Pharmaceuticals has no chemical activity of its own and has no medicinal effect, does not interact with other substances when mixed.

It is therefore an excellent diluent, hence it is used in medicine when it is necessary to dissolve or dilute soluble dosage forms when they need to be administered intramuscularly, intravenously, subcutaneously, or otherwise intrathecally.

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Effects Bacteriostatic Water from Magnus Pharmaceuticals

  • extends the shelf life and use of peptide drugs;
  • reduces the possibility of infection.

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Bacteriostatic Water 10 ml is a drug intended exclusively for parenteral use. In addition, it should only be administered after adding preparations that require dilution or dissolved in an aqueous solution prior to injection. Bacteriostatic water comes in a multiple-dose container from which repeated water withdrawals can be made to dilute or dissolve drugs for injection.

Applications Bacteriostatic Water 10 ml in England

The dose Bacteriostatic Water 10 ml and rate of administration should be in accordance with the dosage instructions for diluted drugs. Preparation of drug solutions using water for injection must be done in sterile conditions (opening ampoules, filling syringes and containers with drugs).

Adverse reactions

Not known. Water for injection should not be administered intravenously in pure form, as it may cause hemolysis. The nature of the added substance will determine the likelihood of any undesirable effects.

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Active substance: Peptide
1 bottle, ml: 10
Bottles in the package, pcs: 1
Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals
Packing: Bottle

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