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Description Anastrozol 1 mg from Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Anastrozol 1 mg from Balkan Pharmaceuticals - third generation anabolic substance.The preparation is based on the active chemical substance Anastrazole, which has an anti-estrogenic effect on the human body.

The preparation belongs to the group of aromatase inhibitors, which interrupt the process of aromatization itself.Its highest efficiency is also confirmed by the fact that only 1 dose in 1mg of the preparation can reduce the amount of estradiol by 80%.

Very popular and effective Anastrozol from Balkan Pharmaceuticals, a proven pharmaceutical company from Moldova, in the form of tablets with a concentration of the active component of 1 mg/tablet, in a blister contains 20 tablets.Initially, Anastrozol was used in medicine as a therapeutic agent for detection of malignant breast tumors.

To date, athletes have heard about its favorable qualities, so now the drug is actively used in sports.Bodybuilders and athletes of other sports disciplines value it for its ability to reduce the risk of gynecomastia and fluid accumulation in the body, which may occur due to the use of "heavy" steroids.

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Effect Anastrozol from Balkan Pharmaceuticals

According to Anastrozol reviews, the drug has the following advantages and features:

  • It is easily absorbed.
  • It is excreted with the urine.
  • Easy to swallow and use.
  • Effectively protects the body.
  • Versatile, suitable for all athletes - women and men.
  • Fastly binds to proteins, integrates into the metabolism.

Applications Anastrozol 1 mg in England

The use of Anastrozol 1 mg is very relevant in the period of post-course therapy, especially after taking steroids that negatively affect the body's own production of testosterone: the drug helps to increase the level of this important hormone.Anastrozole is characterized by a lack of estrogenic and progestagenic activity, has high absorption.

The recommended dose is 0.25-1 mg per day.The second option is to start taking Anastrozole at the same time as taking AAS. Here you should rely on the therapeutic (prophylactic) dosage. Side effects of Anastrozole may be depression of "good" cholesterol production, fever, blurred vision, sleepiness, nausea and vomiting.

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Active substance: Anastrozolo
Active ingredient, mg: 1
Release form: Pills
1 pill, mg: 1
Blister, pills: 3, 20
Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Packing: Blister (20 pills), Packing (3 blisters)

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