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Anastrazolos (anastrozol) is an indispensable assistant to any athlete who uses pharmacology, a drug that should ALWAYS be at your fingertips, whatever drugs you are currently using.

Anastrazolos is a selective aromatase inhibitor that reduces the activity of the aromatase enzyme in the human body, respectively, preventing the conversion of testosterone into estradiol. Namely, an increased level of estradiol in the "course" leads to most side effects: gynecomastia, water retention, high blood pressure, headaches, etc.

Aromatase inhibitor should not be confused with antiestrogens (e.g. clomiphene, tamoxifene). If the latter directly blocks the estradiol receptors, the latter acts precisely by inhibiting the aromatization process. Accordingly, the effect of these two classes of drugs is absolutely different.

The effects of taking Anastrozolos

  • Suppression of aromatization process (conversion of testosterone to estradiol). 
  • Increasing the level of endogenous testosterone in the absence of exogenous hormones. 
  • Contributes to the "drain" of water from under the skin by reducing the level of estradiol.

How to take Anastrozolos

Take Anastrozole from Pharmacom Labs is necessary on a course of steroids. However, not blindly. Initially, it is necessary to make sure that the level of estradiol is really above normal. On this basis, you should choose an acceptable dosage of anastrozole. It is recommended to start with 0.5 mg a day (half a tablet). After a week to take another test for estradiol.

Whatever the course, Anastrazolos should always be kept at hand. The level of activity of the enzyme aromatase is different for everyone, and it depends primarily on the percentage of fat in the body, this should be kept in mind at once. However, even if you have a minimum fat layer, the process of aromatization in your body can still be very active. 

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