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Description Anastrazole 1 mg from Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Anastrazole 1 mg from Magnus Pharmaceuticals is a powerful antiestrogen that is actively used by athletes to combat estrogenic-type side effects. Although the drug was created more than two decades ago, in sports it has almost no analogues in terms of the power of the effect on the body.

Taking just one milligram of this drug, the concentration of female hormones will be reduced by about 80 percent compared to the previous level. At the same time, the price of anastrozole is the most affordable.

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Effects Anastrazole from Magnus Pharmaceuticals

  • Rapid decrease in the concentration of estrogens in the body.
  • Powerful inhibitory properties.
  • The process of converting testosterone into estrogens is blocked.
  • It starts working within a short time.
  • The best remedy for athletes who are prone to aromatization.

Methods of application and dosage of Anastrazole 1 mg in England

When deciding to buy Anastrazole 1 mg, you should remember that it is a strong drug and not for every cycle of AAS may be suitable. If you are using light steroids, say, methandienone, then there is no need to take anastrozole. In such a situation, it is quite enough to introduce proviron into the cycle.

If you are conducting a powerful and long-term course, then in this case anastrozole will be very useful to you. You can take an antiestrogen from the very beginning of the anabolic course to prevent the development of estrogenic side effects. In this case, it is sufficient to use the drug in therapeutic dosages.

If symptoms of side effects occur, the dosage of Anastrazole 1 mg from Magnus Pharmaceuticals is 0.25-1 mg with daily use. Also, do not take antiestrogens for more than 14 days.

To make the drug work as quickly as possible, we recommend taking the tablets on an empty stomach, and then washing them down with plenty of water. Also note that girls cannot take anastrozole.

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Anastrazole from Magnus Pharmaceuticals is not often taken after the course, reviews confirm this fact. Athletes take this drug mainly during AAS cycles, and during recovery therapy they prefer tamoxifen or clomid.

Active substance: Anastrozolo
Active ingredient, mg: 1
Release form: Pills
1 pill, mg: 1
Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals
Packing: Packing (25 pills)

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