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Description Anabol 5 mg from British Dispensary

Anabol 5 mg from British Dispensary is a tablet anabolic drug that has a strong anabolic effect. As a result, after a course of this drug, athletes immediately notice how their athletic performance rapidly increases, there is an optimal recruitment of muscle mass.

It is due to the huge number of positive qualities and there is such a great popularity and demand among athletes.

If Anabol for muscle growth and correctly observe the dosage, as well as the rules of admission, then the athlete can gain up to seven kilograms of muscle mass in a month. And this is a good result for a bodybuilder.

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Effects Anabol from British Dispensary

  • A significant increase in muscle mass in a short period of time (hypertrophy). In about a month and a half (approximately the duration of one course of taking this anabolic) you can build about 10-13 kg of muscle;
  • Fat burning effect, but not very pronounced;
  • Significant increase of appetite. This is due to the active production of growth hormone, which, if abundantly present in the body, requires an increased expenditure of calories;
  • Improved metabolism;
  • Inhibiting catabolism by slowing down protein dissimilation;
  • Strengthening of joints and bones;
  • Increase muscle strength and overall performance.

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Applications Anabol 5 mg in England

A course of Anabol is recommended for individuals over 21 years of age without significant contraindications to the drug (e.g., prostate hypertrophy, heart and liver disease, high blood pressure). The maximum recommended daily dosage is 30 milligrams.

It is best to split the intake into several times - this will avoid unnecessary load on the liver and sudden changes in the hormonal background. To enhance the effect, the steroid is taken on an empty stomach.

It is reasonable to build up a course of Anabol 5 mg from British Dispensary "stairs": during the first few days (up to a week) the dosage should be increased from 10 milligrams to the maximum.

This way you can assess individual tolerance of the drug, and if necessary, make appropriate adjustments. The optimal duration of the course of methandrostenolone is a month and a half.

How to take Anabol from British Dispensary in tablets or capsules in combination with other drugs? To eliminate possible conversion to estrogens and fluid accumulation, it is recommended to connect aromatase inhibitors in a week after the course start (as an option, to take Anastrozole by dosage on 0,5 milligram every 3rd day).

As a PKT is used Tamoxifen 20 mg daily for two to four weeks. For the fastest possible recovery of own testosterone secretion and to avoid the phenomenon of recoil it is desirable to take special sports nutrition (for example, boosters) and to observe the diet.

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Active substance: Methandienone
Active ingredient, mg: 5
Release form: Pills
1 pill, mg: 5
Manufacturer: British Dispensary
Packing: Packing (100 pills), Packing (1000 pills)

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