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Testosterone cypionate

Testosterone cipion is one of the most effective drugs used by athletes to build muscle mass and improve strength performance. This anabolic is distinguished by its prolonged action and quick effect.

Medical determination of the active ingredient

Testosterone cipionate is an oil-based product. In medical practice, it is used to treat hypogonadism. Testosterone cipionate is also used by athletes who use it to produce anabolic and androgenic effects. According to its chemical structure, the drug is an ester (carbon residue) attached to the alcohol group of the male sex hormone. This manifests its special properties - the ability to deposit in tissues and slowly release it. Anabolic is produced as an oil solution for injections. The price for testosterone is affordable in our shop. There is little difference from one manufacturer to another.

Pharmacological group of active ingredients

Testosterone cipion is a pharmacological group of male sex hormones, substances with anabolic and androgenic effects.

Characteristics of the active ingredient

Athletes have had the opportunity to buy testosterone chip from the mid-70s. It was then that the drug was first released on the American pharmacological market. Popular among athletes, the oil solution is a synthetic injection version of the natural male hormone, which has 8 carbon atoms in its essential circuit.

After intramuscular injection, the active substance enters the bloodstream quickly and joins the specific sensitive proteins on the surface of testosterone-sensitive organs. As a result, a testosterone receptor complex is formed, which ensures that the latter penetrates the nucleus through the cell membrane and activates gene-regulators. Androgenic properties are manifested by stimulation of DNA and RNA formation of structural proteins, activation of tissue respiration, as well as oxidative phosphorylation in skeletal muscles with the accumulation of ATP and creatine phosphate. The drug increases muscle mass and reduces the percentage of fatty tissue, stimulates the development of the genitals and secondary gender characteristics of the muscular type.

Testosterone cipionate instruction states that the drug causes calcium accumulation in the growth zones of tubular bones and stops skeletal growth. The pharmacological agent activates the production of semen and sebum in small doses. Large doses of the drug can inhibit the production of its own testosterone, follicle stimulating and luteinizing hormones. The use of injectable anabolic leads to the active formation of new protein structures and stimulates the full absorption of amino acids in the intestines (if a high-protein diet is observed). As Testosterone is taken, erythropoietin production is activated and anabolic reactions in the bone marrow are accelerated. If a hormonal preparation with iron-containing medication is used at the same time, an anti-anemic effect is produced.

Under the influence of cyponate testosterone, production of vitamin K is inhibited and the blood fat ratio changes. The absorption of water and sodium by the kidneys increases, resulting in swelling. After an intramuscular injection of 100 mg of Testosterone propionate, the active substance reaches its maximum concentration in plasma after 1-3 weeks. Metabolism occurs in the liver, and after biotransformation 17 ketosteroids are formed. Metabolites with urine (over 90%) and feces are excreted.

Testosterone cipionate. Use in sports

The drug is particularly popular with athletes in the USA, where it was the first country to produce anabolic. But our online shop is often visited by Ukrainian athletes in order to buy testosterone chip and quickly start the course. For most of them, using a pharmacological product is an opportunity to quickly increase muscle mass, increase strength and endurance. The cyponate has a similar effect to the enantate, the two drugs are interchangeable. Their long-lasting effect helps maintain high levels of testosterone up to 2-3 weeks after injection.


For those who are going to buy testosterone chip in London or our online shop, you need to know about contraindications. You should therefore read the instructions carefully and consult your sports physician before starting the course. People with hypersensitivity to testosterone and other components in the preparation are not allowed to take the hormone product. Among other conditions, it is prohibited to use Testosterone cipionate:

  • prostate cancer;
  • malignant neoplasms in the mammary gland in women and men;
  • mammary gland carcinoma with calcified foci;
  • severe pathologies of the kidneys, liver and heart.

The use of a hormonal remedy for pregnant women and nursing mothers is not recommended.

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