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The name "Sustanan" is heard by the vast majority of athletes who strive to achieve great results. The drug is among the most demanded of many other pharmacological products for athletes. This popularity is quite understandable - Sustanan has a powerful effect and few side effects. The use of Sustanan is permitted for those who are just beginning to use anabolics or are seeking to build muscle mass, but do not want to use 'heavy artillery' in sports pharmacology.

Medical definition of the active ingredient

As stated by Sustanan, the drug is a complex of 4 esters of the male sex hormone testosterone. The original formula was developed by Organon specialists for the treatment of organic testosterone deficiency.

Sustanan contains such components:

  • testosterone decanoate (100 mg);
  • testosterone isocaproate (60 mg);
  • testosterone phenylpropionate (60 mg);
  • testosterone propionate (30 mg).

The preparation contains benzyl alcohol (preservative, antiseptic) and peanut butter (solvent) as auxiliary substances.

Pharmacological group of active substances

The main component of Sustanan is testosterone esters. They belong to the pharmacological group of male sex hormones and anabolic steroids.

Characteristics of the active ingredient

You can buy Sustanan in the athlete's stor goods online shop. The drug differs from other anabolic steroids in that its active components complement each other's action, which is why injections of anabolic steroids lead to increased and qualitative muscle growth. Each ingredient in the drug has a different absorption rate. This property of the drug makes it possible to maintain a consistently high level of male sex hormones for a month. Those who have been prescribed for medical reasons or athletes do not need to get injections often. Just 1 injection in 3 weeks is enough. Many athletes think that Sustanan is a combination of different anabolic drugs. But this opinion is a mistake. In fact, when you get into the body, the ingredients of the drug turn into one substance - testosterone.

This hormone stimulates the growth and development of the genital organs, secondary sexual traits in men. It is essential for the normal function of the reproductive system, for sexual arousal and for the ability to have an erection. Testosterone has an effect on men's and women's well-being, giving them a sense of self-confidence and cheerfulness. The injection of Sustanan leads to an increase in plasma concentrations of sex hormones:

  • testosterone;
  • dihydrotestosterone;
  • estradiol;
  • the globulin that binds the sex hormones.

The level of luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormones after injection is normal.

Sustananol, which can be heard from athletes, reduces testosterone deficiency. After a course of the drug, the mineralisation of the bones increases and they become denser, people who are full lose weight. During the course of treatment, sexual function returns to normal. In men, this is manifested by improved erection and libido. There is a change in blood composition:

  • the concentration of high and low density lipoproteins and triglycerides in the serum is reduced;
  • hematocrit is growing;
  • hemoglobin increases.

Taking Sustanan may cause an increase in the size of the prostate gland without compromising function. In men with hypogonadism suffering from diabetes, anabolic increases sensitivity to sugar-reducing drugs. Once injected, the ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream at different times and converted into testosterone. The maximum rate of total testosterone in blood after injection is between 24 and 48 hours. In men, the hormone concentration returns to its initial level after 21 days (average).

Use of the substance in sports

Athletes go to specialised shops to buy and use the competition preparations. The aim of athletes is to build up a large volume of muscle in a short time. Male athletes normalise their hormone balance against the background of the drug. In addition to a beautiful, pumped body, athletes notice that their libido increases and their potency improves. There is no post-course kickback from Sustanan, as with other anabolics. The use of the injection agent strictly according to the instructions makes it possible to significantly increase strength and endurance and burn excess fat deposits.

An important feature of Sustanan is to help athletes quickly recover from operations and injuries. The drug improves the condition of bone tissue and has a positive effect on the immune defence of the body.


Such conditions are among the contraindications for Sustanan's injections:

  • Breast and prostate oncopathologies;
  • hypersensitivity to drug components;
  • allergies to peanuts, soybeans;
  • age under 3 years.
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