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Parabolan is a powerful steroid that is characterised by a lack of aromatisation. The basis of the preparation is trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate. The product was originally used in animal husbandry. It was given to cattle in order to increase their weight and appetite.

Trenbolone has a limited shelf life in its original form, so esterified derivatives became more common. Hexahydrobenzyl carbonate belongs to one of them. Demolon ether injections have a prolonged effect when the substance enters the bloodstream gradually. A good anabolic effect from Parabolan is only obtained when used correctly. Violations in the administration of the drug are fraught with strong side effects.

The use of this steroid contributes

  • a rapid increase in muscle mass of up to ten kilos per course;
  • an increase in athlete's strength;
  • increased production of growth hormone;
  • activation of the fat burning process;
  • a sharp increase in sexual desire, which decreases rapidly after cancellation of the course, unless Gonadotropin and Clomide are taken together;
  • a two-fold increase in the insulin-like growth factor.

Trebolone is a testosterone derivative, but in contrast, a drug based on this active ingredient has a five times greater propensity for androgenic receptors. This explains the high anabolic activity. Only a few steroids have the same ability to increase strength and muscle mass. Parabolan's spread has been greatly influenced by the fact that exposure to aromatherapy does not turn it into estrogen. Consequently, steroid intake is not accompanied by fluid retention, and the probability of gynaecomastia is reduced to zero.

How do you take Parabolan?

Without Gonadotropin, the steroid is taken for a month and a half, that is, six weeks. Substantial suppression of androgenic testosterone production in the body makes it advisable to use this drug as early as the second week after the course begins. Gonadotropin should be injected once a week in 500-1000 ml. The duration of PCT (post-course therapy) is two weeks. If the aim of the course is to increase muscle mass, the best results are achieved by taking Mrimobolan together. It is injected every seven days in 100-300 ml. The weekly dosage can be divided into two injections.

The course of Parabolan 100 solo allows a significant increase in strength and weight. To enhance this effect, steroid is combined with drugs such as Oxandrolone, Winstrol, Stanozolol, Metandienone, Primoblanc, Bolderon and Oximetolone as well as testosterone esters. The peculiarity of the drug is that it can be taken together with any anabolics that are selected according to a specific target. The lack of aromatisation does not require the use of anti-estrogens after a course is cancelled.

Course length

A course of Parabolan usually lasts no longer than 8 weeks. There is no point in using the steroid for a longer period of time. This will not make you more effective but will increase the risk of side effects and increase the burden on your kidneys.

Regular and regular use of Parabolan will allow gaining up to 10 kg or more of muscle mass. At the end of the steroid course it is not necessary to use adjuvants (there is no need to take anti-estrogens and testosterone boosters, as the steroid does not cause a decrease in testosterone production or aromatization).

Possible side effects

Excess doses and the duration of the course of this steroid are almost always the cause of side effects. An athlete who ignores the recommendations may have high blood pressure, insomnia, excessive aggression, baldness, acne, decreased libido and sluggish erections.

An important prerequisite is admission to the Gonadotropin or Cabergoline course. The toxic impact on the liver is moderate. Androgenic effects occur with few exceptions, while estrogenic effects are absent. It is not recommended to combine the drug with Ephedrine and Clenbuterol.

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