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Toremifene citrate

"Pharestone (toremifene citrate) is actively used not only in medicine but also in sports. Professional athletes who frequently use steroids are familiar with its effects. However, beginners constantly have questions about this substance. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the drug, find out what it is for and how to take it correctly.

What it is

Toremifene citrate is one of the newest SERMs (selective estrogen-receptor modulators) on the market. The drug first appeared on the market in 1997 and is available in many countries of the world. Its effects are similar to those of Clomid and Nolvadex.

Like most such drugs, Fareston has both oestrogen agonist and oestrogen antagonist properties. Its main use is in the treatment of breast cancer. In addition, it is actively used in bodybuilding. "Fareston is an excellent treatment for side effects caused by taking steroid medication. Athletes use it along with Clomid and Nolvadex during post-course therapy.

What is it used for?

Anti-estrogens play an important role in strength sports. We are talking about the level when taking anabolic steroids becomes a necessity. They are all synthetic analogues of testosterone, and prolonged use of such drugs suppresses the production of your own hormone.

When synthetic testosterone enters the bloodstream, the body decides that it does not need to produce its own. Because of that, once the steroid course is started, the body's own production of the hormone stops very quickly. This does not cause any problems during the course, because there is no lack of testosterone at this time. But immediately after the end of treatment, we come to a hormonal deficit. This means that the substance is no longer supplied from the outside, but our own testosterone production is not yet established. Plus to this the level of female sex hormones estrogen increases.

This is what anti-estrogens, the same toremifrene citrate, are for. It stimulates FSH and LH, which are responsible for testosterone production. Increased levels of these hormones help to raise male hormone levels to maximum levels very quickly. That is why the product is used during post-course therapy in bodybuilding.

Toremiphene side effects

As a rule, Fareston is well tolerated, but it can still sometimes cause the following negative effects

  • hot flashes;
  • sweating;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • swelling;
  • dizziness;
  • Increased liver enzymes;

Less commonly, dermatitis, tremors, loss of consciousness, depression, anorexia, hair loss, loss of strength, breathing difficulties, decreased white blood cells may occur.

The course and dosage of farestone (toremifene)

The regimen for taking toremifene during post-course therapy depends on the difficulty of the steroid course completed, and is as follows:

  • Very difficult course: 3*120-12*60-15*30-15*15.
  • Difficult course: 15*60-15*30-15*15.
  • Medium course: 30*30-15*15.
  • An easy course: 15*30-15*15-15*15 (every other day).
  • Very simple course: 15*30-15*15.

Deciphering: the first digit means the number of days, the second digit (after the asterisk) is the required dose. For example: 30*30-15*15 - for the first 30 days, toremifene citrate is used at 30 mg per day, then 15 days at 15 mg per day.

A very light course means the use of steroids in tablet form ("Turinabol", "Metandienone", "Oxandrolone") for 4-6 weeks in a solo course.

A very heavy course means a long course of more than three months of steroids using more than those products in a bundle at once, with a total dose of more than 2,000 mg per week.


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