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Description of Gonadotropin

Gonadotropin is used by athletes on heavy anabolic courses. This medical product effectively stimulates the process of producing endogenous male hormone. Thus, by deciding to purchase the drug, you can avoid serious health problems.

The main active component of the drug is human chorionic Gonadotropin or simply hCG. This substance belongs to the group of gonadotropic hormones. The mechanism of gonadotropin is much like the action of follicle stimulating and luteinizing hormones. This fact is explained by the similarity of the molecular structure of these substances. The only difference between them is the sequence of amines.

Thus, the chemical structure of this medicinal product includes two subunits:

  • alpha;
  • beta.

It is the first of them is homologous to the two hormones mentioned above and allows gonads to produce the effect on the body necessary for athletes. Gonadotropin is synthesized by the placenta. It is then disposed of by the kidneys in its original form, after which it is extracted from the urine and purified.

The effect of taking Gonadotropin

Let us highlight a few of the most significant positive effects of Gonadotropin intake for athletes:

  • The secretion of endogenous testosterone is actively stimulated.
  • Semen quality is improved
  • The spermatogenesis process is accelerated.
  • The development of primary and secondary sexual traits of men is stimulated.
  • In medicine, this drug is used mainly by women of the beautiful half of humanity. However, in sports, it is advisable to use it only for men.

Solo course Gonadotropin

Once again, let us remind you that this drug should be used only on heavy AAS courses. If the athlete uses light steroids in moderate doses, then the efficiency of the pituitary axis remains at the same level. Some slowing down of the endogenous male hormone process in this situation can be simply ignored.

However, on strong courses, the situation is quite different. When the body receives a large amount of artificial testosterone, the body does not need to actively produce natural testosterone. Since testicles do not perform the usual amount of work, they shrink in size. However, this is not what is dangerous for health.

If testicles do not produce testosterone for a long time, they can atrophy. Thus, you should use gonads on courses lasting from three months. Gonadotropin is administered in cycles of 3 weeks. A single dose of the medicine is 500-1000 units. In this case, you should give injections three times within seven days. After completion of such mini-course, you should give your body 21 days for rest. If after this application of anabolics continues, the gonad is injected again in accordance with the scheme described above.

How to use Gonadotropin

It is a very effective drug, which on the AAS course is able to stimulate the work of the HGY axis. You will not need a combined application of Gonadotropin to solve this problem.

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