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Klomed is a drug designed to treat gynecological pathologies, including infertility in women. It is also used to stimulate spermatogenesis in men. In sport, Clomed is used as a means to prevent gynecomastia in the background of anabolic steroids.

Medical definition of the active substance

The main active substance of Clomed is clomiphene citrate. The preparation is available in tablet form with a dosage of 50 mg in each pill.

Characteristics of the active ingredient

Clomede - means with non-steroidal structure. The active substance affects estrogenic receptors of the pituitary gland and ovaries. When used in low doses, the preparation activates the synthesis of hormones - luteinizing, follicle stimulating, prolactin, and accelerates oocyte maturation.

The effect of the active ingredient is shown depending on the level of natural estrogens. If the body produces a small amount of female sex hormones, Klomed gently stimulates their synthesis. At a high concentration of estrogens in the blood is manifested anti-estrogenic effect.

Large doses of the drug inhibit the production of gonadotropins. Klomed does not exhibit gestagenic and androgenic activity.

After taking the tablet, the active substance is quickly absorbed from the intestine into the blood. Metabolism of clomiphene citrate occurs in the liver. The active substance with bile is excreted. The half-life period is from 5 to 7 days.

Doctors recommend buying Klomed and start taking on an individual scheme at:

  • anovulatory infertility;
  • uterine bleeding outside the monthly cycle;
  • amenorrhea (dysfunctional, dysgonadotropic, postconceptive);
  • galactorrhea (in case of pituitary tumor);
  • polycystic ovarian syndrome;
  • Chiari-Strommel syndrome;
  • androgenic hormone deficiency;
  • oligospermia.

Klomed is used to perform diagnostic tests in case of pituitary gland function disorders.

Use of the substance in sports

Clomede for male bodybilders is a remedy that can reduce the negative impact of steroid anabolics. After a course of drugs for building muscle mass reduces the activity of secretion glands, improves the production of its own testosterone.

Against the background of taking synthetic testosterone reduces the activity of the pituitary gland-hypothalamus ovaries ligament. The degree of suppression of synthesis of testosterone is directly proportional to the duration of the course of anabolics.

Weakening of testosterone synthesis in the body is connected with estrogen - progesterone, estradiol and prolactin.

When the level of at least one of these hormones increases, the endocrine glands are suppressed even more. Therefore, athletes during the course of anabolics should regularly take a blood test for hormones and Klomed, the price of which is affordable in our store. The drug has an anti-estrogenic effect and is considered the most effective in comparison with other drugs of the same pharmacological group.


Admission of Klomed is prohibited if the main active ingredient and additional components of the preparation are individually intolerant. It is not allowed to use an anti-estrogenic agent at:

  • severe hepatic and renal failure;
  • metrorrhagia of an unexplained nature;
  • ovarian cyst;
  • benign and cancerous neoplasms in the reproductive system organs;
  • pituitary tumors;
  • enadometriosis;
  • insufficient ovarian function in hyperprolactinemia;propensity to form clots;
  • valvulopathy;
  • non-menstrual uterine bleeding.

Clomede is not prescribed to women during pregnancy.


Antiestrogenic drug is well combined with gonadotropic hormones. That's why many athletes try to buy Klomed and start using it at the start of the anabolic course.


Many of those who take Klomed leave positive reviews. Athletes note that side effects are observed if the recommended dosage and regimen are not followed.

Side effects may occur:

  • Digestive disorders - attacks of nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, increased gassing, diarrhea;
  • nervous system problems - headaches and dizziness, drowsiness, retardation or excessive excitability, sleep disorders, insomnia;
  • photophobia, decreased visual acuity, distortion of light perception, double vision;
  • frequent urination, polyuria;
  • mammary gland pain, pain in the lower abdomen, disturbance of the monthly cycle, vaginal dryness;
  • rashes and itchy skin, allergic runny nose, tears and itchy eyes.

Other side effects are rarely observed against the background of Clomede intake. Appetite may increase, weight fluctuations, disturbing blood tides to the face and breast thickening. In case of any suspicious symptoms should consult with an endocrinologist and take a blood test for hormones. The condition will normalize after the correction of the dose or complete abolition of Klomed.

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