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Cabergoline is a semi-snitized agent, a derivative of alkaloids of ergoline cones. In medical practice, the drug is used to eliminate the failure of the monthly cycle and treatment of infertility in women, the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. The drug is also effective in the complex treatment of Parkinson's disease. Athletes use Cabergoline and other drugs with this active substance (Dostinex, Bergolak, Agalates) to neutralize side effects of anabolic steroids.

The preparation is produced in tablet form with a dosage of 500 mkg in each pill.

Characteristics of the active ingredient

You can buy cabergoline and drugs based on it in our online store and pharmacies. The drug is designed for oral administration. It is quickly absorbed from the intestines, the maximum concentration in plasma reaches 35-40 minutes after taking the tablet. Pre-take does not hinder the absorption of the active substance, does not affect the distribution in tissues.

The cure binds to plasma proteins only by 40-42%. The active substance is able to overcome the hematoencephalic and placental barrier, get into breast milk.

Cabergolin metabolism occurs in the liver, the drug is converted to less active substances. It is excreted through the intestine with feces (60%) and kidneys with urine (22%). Half-life may vary from 65-68 hours to 80-115 hours (in women with prolactinemia).

Doctors recommend buying Cabergoline for treatment:

  • disorders accompanied by hyperprolactinemia (amenorrhea, oligoamenorrhea, anovulation, galactorrhea);
  • prolactinsecreting adenomas of the pituitary gland;
  • hyperprolactinemia of unexplained genesis;
  • insufficiency of Turkish saddle diaphragm with hyperprolactinemia.
  • Cabergoline is prescribed to prevent postpartum lactation and "disappearance" of milk in women who plan to stop breastfeeding.

Use of the substance in sports

Cabergoline, which you can get feedback from athletes, has a complex action:

  • improves the emotional state;
  • increases the efficiency of anabolic steroids;
  • activates the production of own testosterone;
  • enhances the potency;
  • enhances the immune system.

Athletes note that during the use of Cabergoline can recover more quickly after intercourse.

Bodybuilders take the drug against the background of a course of Nandrolon and Trenbolone, as well as other steroids, if the blood test shows an increase in progesterone levels.

Cabergoline for male athletes - a tool that provides emotional stability, reduces the likelihood of adverse reactions from anabolics, increases the efficiency of training.


Cabergoline is prohibited in people with hypersensitivity to its components and in children under 16:

  • cardiac and respiratory disorders, provoked by fibrous changes in lungs, heart structures, retroperitoneal space;
  • structural changes of the heart valve system;
  • sucking the development of postpartum psychosis;
  • during pregnancy, lactation and mother's milk feeding;
  • Doctors show caution when prescribing Cabergoline to women with arterial hypertension that occurred during pregnancy, as well as in severe pathologies of the heart (valvulopathy) and blood vessels, hypotension. In liver failure, 12 duodenal and stomach ulcers, susceptibility to gastrointestinal bleeding, the drug is recommended in a reduced dose.


Cabergoline should not be used with antibacterial drugs from the macrolide group, as well as:

  • with other ergot alkaloids;
  • dopamine receptor blockers (Metoklopramid, phentoiazine, Thioxantenom);
  • hypotensive drugs.

The combination of Cabergoline with these drugs enhances their action and may cause undesirable consequences.

Side effects

Side reactions to Cabergoline are manifested due to excess dosage and individual intolerance to the active substance.

Among the side effects that occur when the recommended dosage is exceeded, most often there is a sharp decline in the level of prolactin. It leads to weakened immunity, lethargy and drowsiness, problems with digestion, heart function.

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