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Stamina medication

Peptides "work" on the cause of the problem, not on the effect - a decrease in endurance - but on the cause of the problem. They supply the cell with nutrients, revitalise it from the inside and stop the process of DNA destruction due to oxidation. By taking peptides, age-related changes - the cause of reduced mental and physical activity - are eliminated. The body returns to a youthful level and the cellular life cycle itself changes.

Effects of using peptides

The peptides have a directed effect, depending on which of them was used in the composition - heart tissue fractions, epiphysis, adrenal, etc. There are also a number of multi-medicines - for comprehensive endurance work. With regular intake of peptides you can achieve:

  • Increased muscle strength and lactic acid reduction - unlike steroids and hormonal drugs, peptides have no dangerous side effects;
  • improving resistance to physical stresses affecting muscles and ligaments - intensive training, preparation for marathons, competitions and hard work result in much lower effects while taking peptides;
  • improving heart, vascular, ophthalmic, nervous and other systems which suffer the most from stresses on the body;
  • Eliminate the effects of ageing - peptides have the ability to stop the development of cancer, strengthen immune defences and increase life expectancy by 40%.

So how do you increase endurance?

Endurance is an essential quality that is central to runners, swimmers, cyclists, boxers and other athletes. It is one that many athletes strive to develop as a core skill. They come up with various training schemes and combinations of drugs. Recently available peptides have also been studied and some of them were found to increase an athlete's endurance!

As you have already guessed, we are talking about TB-500 peptide. It was originally formulated as a joint-strengthening drug, and only then was its unique property of improving endurance noticed. Horses injected with tb-500 ran much faster than their best time, and were less likely to injure themselves. Later the drug began to be studied on humans. It should be said that it is very important to take tb-500 correctly in order to improve the body's endurance.

A number of conditions need to be met. It is very important to take Tb-500 with the loading stage, then you will make sure that the drug works in the shortest time possible. In just one month you will make a significant progress. The frequency of injections should not be too frequent, but rare at the same time. Every 2-3 days is fine. It is not necessary to dilute vial with 2 ml of solvent as described in most sources, this would make it very difficult to take tb-500, 0.5-1 ml would be enough. To preserve TB-500, the vial should not be taken out of the refrigerator for long periods of time.

Course and dosage of tb-500

We have covered the theory. Now let's look at a concrete example of how to take TB-500 to maximise endurance! Let us take a man weighing 75 kg.
In the first week we take 20 µg per 1 kg of weight. That is 1,500 per day and accordingly 10,500 mcg per week. If we dilute 2 mg vial of tb-500 with 1 ml of solvent, it will be 75 units on insulin syringe (scale from 10 to 100).

The second week we reduce the dosage to 15 mcg per 1 kg of weight. That means for a 75 kg athlete 1,125 mcg per day and thus 7,875 active ingredient per week would be needed.

After this we can consider that the loading stage is passed, the organism is fully "saturated" with TB-500, the desired progress rate is reached, and now we can start taking TB-500 in the maintenance stage to maintain the progress rate! The dosage for the remaining two weeks (one-month course) would be 10 µg per 1 kg weight, 75 kg = 750 µg. In a week that means 5 250 mcg. It is not necessary to take stamina peptides every day in accordance with the daily dosage. Just follow the weekly plan by reducing the number of injections accordingly. For example, to take 5,250 mcg of TB-500 a week, you can take the following: Monday 2,000 (a whole bottle), Wednesday 2,000, Friday 1,250. This will reduce the number of holes in your stomach, but it will not slow down your progress!


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