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Trenbolone tablets

Characteristics of Trenbolone

Trenbolone, first synthesized in 1963, is a synthetic steroid derived from nandrolone. The chemical structure of trenbolone causes a pronounced anabolic and androgenic effect. Trabolone acetate, enanthate or trenbolone cyclohexylmethyl carbonate is usually used in medicine and agriculture to increase its duration. Trenbolone is formed in the body from these substances.

Initially, trenbolone was used in animal husbandry as a growth stimulant for animals, but in the 1980s it began to be used by athletes who evaluated the impact of this substance on muscle mass and strength. Absence of side effects typical for many other synthetic anabolics: edema caused by water retention and increase in fat mass made trenbolone preparations popular among both professional bodybuilders and amateur athletes.

Trabolone's affinity for progesterone receptors determines its estrogenic effects, expressed in gynecomastia. In addition, it also has an androgenic effect: the use of trabolone may lead to the appearance of acne, baldness in men, male hair growth and voice changes in women and other characteristic disorders. In high doses, trenbolone sometimes causes liver damage, but in low doses it does not show hepatotoxicity. Like other anabolic androgenic steroids, trenbolone promotes atherosclerosis and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. It also reduces the production of endogenous testosterone in men. Studies conducted on human cell cultures have shown that trenbolone is genotoxic and can cause chromosome damage.

Trenbolone is on WADA's List of Prohibited Substances and Methods in Sport. Despite this, it is sometimes used as a doping. In addition, some manufacturers use Trenbolone in the cultivation of farm animals. This is due to both the danger to the consumer and the impact of tbolone on ecosystems. The main metabolites of trabolone are 17β-trenbolone and its isomer 17α-trenbolone. The latter is partially metabolized to form a trend. The half-life of these three substances in water is about 35 days; in bottom sediments it is about 53 days. Trenbolone metabolites affect fish and aquatic animals.

The determination of trenbolone by gas chromatography is complicated by its destruction during the analysis. Nowadays, the ELISA (immunoenzyme assay) method is increasingly used for trenbolone analysis. It is easy to set up, does not require expensive equipment and allows you to check a large number of samples in a short time and get accurate results. This makes it possible to use ELISA test systems for sample screening in the determination of trenbolone.

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