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Halotestin is considered a universal steroid, which is used in a wide variety of sports.

The use of Halotestin in sports

The main ingredient of the product is fluoxymesterone, which is a derivative of the testosterone hormone. This explains its strong androgenic effect, which not only improves endurance and strength, but also the feeling of aggression. Importantly, the anabolic effect of Fluoxymesterone is negligible. The use of the product is considered versatile because it is suitable for a wide range of sports activities.

For example, in powerlifting, the pills help increase stamina and strength indicators without increasing muscle volume. Bodybuilders use it in preparation for competitions to dry out muscles and effectively draw their relief. One can buy Halotestin for complex training course intended to increase muscle size, or to improve endurance prior to forthcoming competitions.

Halotestin Benefits

Halotest is characterized by a number of positive properties:

  • muscles when taking it are actively saturated with oxygen and useful substances due to the fact that the drug stimulates the development of the circulatory network;
  • muscles become thicker and stiffer and the venous network more visible;
  • the creation of red blood cells and the synthesis of haemoglobin are accelerated, resulting in the supply of more oxygen to the muscles
  • water is not retained in the muscles, and the increased training load is more easily tolerated by the athlete;
  • Endurance and aggression are increased, creating the will to win;
  • Strongly expressed fat-burning effect.

Fluoxymesterone is a modification of testosterone. The substance is very similar in structure to methyltestosterone, but many times more powerful in its effects. The modification was carried out in three positions: The 11-beta-hydroxy group, the 17-alpha-methyl group and the 9-fluoro group. The modification had several purposes: prolongation of the half-life of the drug, elimination of its degradation during first passage through the liver, prevention of aromatization, increase of androgenic activity.

Side effects of halotest

Halotest side effects are likely to occur if the dose or duration of treatment is exceeded. Once again, the drug is very powerful and needs to be used within the guidelines. The most common side effects of Halotest are increased hairiness, oily skin and acne, severe suppression of own testosterone production, excessive aggression, frequent erections and other signs of sexual stimulation, prostate problems, and oligospermia.

Course and dosage of halotest

Often the substance is used by people in preparation for important competitions. This is due to the fact that the muscles become much firmer, stand out and look more visually pumped up. To ensure the safety of the course, the following recommendations should be adhered to:

  • The optimum duration is 5 to 6 weeks;
  • dosages should not exceed 20 mg;
  • It is worth taking Halotest for 4 weeks before the event.

Many athletes stop at the decision to use the medication during the last training sessions before going on stage. This approach is a guarantee of an attractive appearance. The experience of dozens of athletes suggests that 10 mg of the product is usually sufficient to conduct a productive session and obtain outstanding results.

Combining Halotest with other anabolics is a complex issue that requires a responsible approach. Doctors do not recommend taking steroids together, because the combination multiplies the risk of side effects.

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