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Andriol has been used in bodybuilding relatively recently, since the late eighties of the twentieth century. It is a steroid with the active ingredient testosterone undecanoate.

Andriol is most commonly used orally, but it is also available in injections and capsules. A big advantage of this drug is that it has relatively low body toxicity and no aromatization.

The use of andriol in sports

Today the drug is successfully used in weightlifting, bodybuilding, and powerlifting, as well as by men who are interested in achieving optimal body shape through the anabolic action of andriol. It was launched in the 1980s, making it one of the latest products on the sports market. The tablet form makes it easier to take, and the enhanced form is more productive.

In order to obtain the drug, researchers used undecanoate ester derived from the synthesis of artificial testosterone. In its normal state, the testosterone molecule has limited effectiveness, which is why it is hardly ever used in tablet form. A modified structure of the active substance has produced a product which is ideal for dehydration, since it does not lead to fluid accumulation in the body and does not cause gynaecomastia. The drug is most often used in preparation for a performance.

Effects of use andriol

If you choose the optimal course and use the drug regularly, you can get the following results:

  • improvement in the appearance of the musculature;
  • moderate weight gain;
  • improvement of nitrogen balance in the body.

Athletes who have previously used the product report favourable effects on the reproductive system. During the entire course of andriol, libido remains stably high. The drug is ideal for bodybuilders who do not want to face the consequences of aromatization.

Andriol intake rule

Every drug used today by athletes to improve their own bodies and athletic performance has certain effects that are immediately apparent when taken correctly. For this reason, it becomes imperative for the bodybuilder to consult a doctor who will set the optimal dosage. While taking andriol it is important to stick to a balanced diet and intensive training in order to get the desired results.

Each bodybuilder should take andriol individually as the therapeutic doses are not suitable for strength athletes. In fact, they have absolutely no effect on the appearance. In general, it is recommended to take andriol two to three times a day or a single dose of two hundred and forty milligrams.

Side effects of taking andriol

In general, experts say that Andriol does not cause any problems. However, when taking high doses of the drug, the following side effects are observed: frequent erections, acne, water retention, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, kidney, liver and heart failure and even cancer. Therefore athletes use andriol in combination with other injectable drugs or do not use it at all.

Who can take andriol

Andriol is suitable for the following people:

  • Male athletes who are actively preparing for competitions. Because Andriol is easily and quickly eliminated from the body, the doping control will be easily passed, plus the form necessary for competitions will be obtained.
  • Simply for amateur athletes who have already been able to reach their maximum genetic height and want to achieve more without compromising their health.
  • those with sexual problems. Before taking Andriol, you should consult a physician, because you may be prescribed a different anabolic drug.
  • young athletes who have reached the age of eighteen who want to overcome long-term stagnation with anabolic and steroid drugs.


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