Genotropin 36 IU Pfizer Labs

Genotropin 36 IU Pfizer Labs Product BriefGenotropin is a popular growth hormone that has been used ..
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Genotropin Original 16 IU Pfizer Labs

Buy Genotropin 12 mg 36 IU (Genotropin 12/36 MO)The athlete's success in the chosen sport is largely..
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Gonadotropina corionica FGYP Pianta endocrina di Mosca

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a gonadotropin hormone produced by the placenta during pregnan..
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Groutropin 16 IU Dong-A ST Ko

Among the large number of steroid drugs to date, you can choose exactly the drug that is most suitab..
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HGH Somatropin Amino acid 191 10 IU Genopharm

HGH Somatropin Amino acid 191 (Somatropin 10 IU)The Israeli company GenoPharm decided to surprise at..
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Hygetropin 10 IU Zhongshan

Highgetropin is a human hormone analogue, which was first synthesized in China. It consists of 191 a..
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Jintropin (Somatropin) 10 IU Gene Science Pharmaceuticals

Jintropin (Somatropin) 10 IU Gene Science Pharmaceuticals: A Brief DescriptionJintropin is a growth ..
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Jintropin Original 10 IU Europharm

A preparation based on an analogue of a natural substance. A drug for medical use has been synthesiz..
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Norditropin 48 IU Novo Nordisk

Norditropin is an artificial growth hormone originally intended to be used for medical purposes only..
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Norditropin Original 30 IU Novo Nordisk

Norditropin is a genetically engineered liquid form of growth hormone. It is administered subcutaneo..
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Norditropin Original 45 IU Novo Nordisk

The hormonal agent Norditropin was originally produced for the treatment of undergrowth in children...
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Omnitrop 15 IU Sandoz

Omnitrop is a highly effective 100% analog of the human growth hormone, which helps to quickly build..
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Omnitrop Original 45 IU Sandoz

Omnitrop is a highly effective drug, 100% analog of the human growth hormone, which helps to quickly..
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Pharmatropin 10 IU Pharmacom Labs

Pharmatropin is a popular drug used in the sports field and is a recombinant growth hormone, complet..
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Somaliq Pen 60 IU SunSci Pharmaceutical

Somaliq Pen 60 UI (Somaliq 60 ME)Somalik Pen is a multifunctional drug that is actively used by athl..
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Growth hormone

Growth hormone

Growth hormone

Growth hormone, aka somatropin - a peptide hormone, which produces the frontal lobe of the pituitary gland. This hormone is often used by athletes to form muscle relief. The substance got its name due to the fact that when its concentration in the body of a young man sharply increases the rate of growth due to an increase in the length of tubular bones in the extremities. The basic concentration in blood is at the level of 1-5 nm/ml, while at peak effects it can increase almost 10 times.You can buy the growth hormone in our online store with delivery in London. In UK we send our goods by mail, the details will tell you our employee.Scientists first isolated this hormone in 1956. At the age of about 20 years, the human body significantly reduces the production of this drug. Every 10 years the level of growth hormone in the body decreases by about 15%. You can buy the growth hormone freely in UK, although it is prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Organization for use by athletes in preparation for and during competitions.

Pharmacological effects of the growth hormone

Before ordering the growth hormone from us, you must navigate in which pharmacological effects of this drug. Among them:

  • anabolic effect - causes muscle growth
  • anti-catabolic effect - reduces the rate of muscle destruction
  • fat reduction
  • optimizes the energy process
  • speeds up wound healing
  • has a rejuvenating effect on organs and systems, stimulates re-growth atrophied with age
  • in adulthood strengthens the bones
  • increases immunity.

Most of the effects are produced not by somatropin itself, but by insulin-like IGF-1 growth factor, which is produced in the liver under the influence of growth hormone.

Use of growth hormone in bodybuilding

At first, the sale of growth hormones was carried out only for medical purposes, a little later this drug interested representatives of power sports. Such interest is dictated not by the cost but by the ability to increase muscle mass and reduce the fat layer. Initially, the drug was obtained only from human pituitary gland; in 1981, recombinant somatotropin appeared at the pharmaceutical market.We recommend this drug for bodybuilding lessons, it can be used alone or in combination with other anabolic steroids.It is not difficult to order the growth hormone, all contact information can be found on the website. We offer high quality drugs cheap enough, because we work directly with official suppliers. In addition to sales we also have a delivery service available, you can get your order much faster and at a very low cost.In addition to the growth of lean muscle mass and obtaining relief, the growth hormone has another very important effect - significantly reduced frequency of injury. The drug strengthens connective and bone tissue, and helps rebuild it after injury.The use of growth hormone does not increase the endurance and recovery rate of the body after stress, so this drug is useless for athletes of those species in which these indicators are the priority.

Among the advantages of somatropin is worth mentioning:

  • high efficiency
  • low incidence of side effects
  • lack of male potency.

With muscle mass growth, the weight is practically not increased, as there is a parallel decrease in the fat layer.

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Jintropin (Somatropin) 10 IU Gene Science Pharmaceuticals 13 €
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