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Since the product is relatively new, it is only now gaining popularity among athletes. That is why exemestane reviews are not very common. However, it is safe to say that those who have tried it are satisfied, in spite of the high price of Exemestane. The effectiveness and efficacy of Exemestane is fully justified by its cost. As a rule, because the price of exemestane is much higher than the usual aromatase inhibitors, not every athlete decides to buy it.

Exemestane is called a true "aromatase killer". The principle of this drug is that it blocks the enzymes responsible for the synthesis of estrogen.

Medical use

In medicine, this drug is used to treat breast cancer in post-menopausal women when Tamoxifen treatment has failed. Bodybuilders and other athletes have also found uses for this drug. Many experienced athletes consider Aromasin / Exemestane to be the most effective aromatase inhibitor. This drug suppresses at least 85% of estrogen. And it is worth noting that the suppression process is irreversible.

Of course, there are many other highly effective drugs, but if you read Exemestane reviews, you can see that athletes prefer this drug because of its high effectiveness in the fight against gynecomastia, accumulation of fat and fluid in the body.

Useful effects of the product

Exemestane during the steroid cycle prevents the side effects that can be caused by aromatic steroids. It should be noted that the action of Exemestan is fundamentally different from that of Tamoxifen, which many athletes are accustomed to. As we know, Tamoxifen has no effect on the aromatization process. It simply begins to interact with cellular estrogen receptors, preventing estrogen from attaching to them and forming a bond. Exemestane, on the other hand, acts on and suppresses the aromatization process.

The structure of Exemestane is very similar to that of the naturally occurring steroid androstenedione. The principle of action of Exemestane is that it irreversibly binds active enzymes to hormones. As a result, the hormones lose their activity. Exemestane has neither estrogenic nor progestagenic activity. But it is characterised by mild androgenic activity.

For Exemestane instructions and description contains complete information about this drug, which has undergone full clinical study and testing.

Side effects

The side effects of exemestane may occur quite often and in varying degrees. For example, an athlete may experience such unpleasant effects as:

  • nausea,
  • fatigue,
  • increased sweating,
  • dizziness and headaches,
  • skin rashes,
  • insomnia, etc.

For one athlete, the side effects may be intense, while for another athlete the use of the drug may be completely painless. It all depends on the individual sensitivity of a person to the active ingredient of the drug. However, as a rule, if the recommended dosage is observed, the side effects of Exemestan do not occur at all or only mildly.

Course and dosage

The recommended dosage of exemestane is ½ - 1 tablet daily or every other day. This dosage will completely avoid the side effects caused by steroids. The duration of treatment is 2-4 weeks. In a case when an athlete didn't start to take aromatase inhibitors in time and estrogen side effects are already visible or even strongly pronounced, it is necessary to start taking Exemestan on 1 tablet (25 m) daily and not to stop taking this preparation until gynecomastia symptoms disappear completely.

It is recommended to take Exemestane with or immediately after meals. In this case, the bioavailability of the drug will increase by 40%, and already in two hours its maximum concentration in blood will be reached.

Athletes suffering from liver or kidney diseases can also take the drug. However, in this case the systemic effect of the drug increases by 2-3 times. For such athletes it is recommended to reduce the dosage of Exemestan.


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