Biopten (Testosterone Enantate U.S.P.) 250 mg AdamLabs

Biopten (Testosterone Enantate U. S. P.) 250 mg AdamLabsTestosterone enanthate is one of the most po..
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Biprocine (Testosterone Cypionate U.S.P.) 200 mg AdamLabs

PROPERTIES OF TESTOSTERONETestosterone Cypionate attributes and expressive properties follow what an..
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Ravidin (Testosterone Propionate U.S.P.) 100 mg AdamLabs

PharmacodynamicsThe androgenic agent also has an anabolic effect. In target cells (skin, prostate, s..
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Sindoxil (Sustanone) 250 mg AdamLabs

Sindoxil (Sindoxil) Sustanon 250 is a composite testosterone that consists of four esters: 30mg..
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